Having a world in your mind.

What’s it like to be an author?

Well let me tell you. It’s a bit difficult to explain so bare with me. There are multiple worlds in my mind. Thousands even. Many I don’t even exist in. But their are so many characters living their. I get to see in my head the story unfold as I’m typing. Or writing on paper. I often feel what they feel when I’m writing. I feel angry when my character is angry. I feel sad when their sad. Excetera. It’s odd to some and sometimes even confuses the heck out of my significant other.

It’s overwhelming sometimes having so much going on in your mind. But that’s also why writing is so good. It’s like once it’s down on paper it makes the story relax almost. Again, sort of difficult to explain. But when you have mental illnesses that make it difficult to be motivated to write, your brain becomes even more of a mess.

I guess overall being an author is kinda like having your brain be an artists workshop. Everything all over the place but you know where everything is. It’s kinda like playing a chaotic good character. Which funny enough is what I normally choose to play.


Thank you for reading!

– Arionna Scaletta


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