Small Update and Hospital Story!

So, I’ve been posting some old poetry on here and I hope it’s not bothering anyone. I worry about posting different stuff but this was some of my poetry I was actually proud of in my teens. After I shut down my old DeviantArt account I kept some of my old stuff and felt it still deserved to be published somewhere. So I figured, hey where better then my own blog. Heck, why not? 

I’m still working on editing the second book in my Trilogy. Please keep in mind how I edit is by glancing at the first manuscript and mainly just using it as a guide. I find sometimes the story turns out better if I COMPLETELY REWRITE the hole thing. So, it takes a long……long…..long time to finish. It also doesn’t help I used to just write everything by hand first and then pages go missing or get ruined by coffee. But, nowadays I type everything so it does speed up the process a bit. 

I will note the relationship in the second book is VERY different from the first. There will be lots of wit and sexual tension between our two flames. Especially as our characters (who are BOTH warriors) literally fight against and alongside each other. At the beginning of the book, holy hell, there is a lot of emotions going on. It’s a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve been focussing on strong character development in college so I think the second book will be better than the first. 

Well I hope so anyway. I would have done a lot more writing recently if it wasn’t for being hospitalized. I got admitted for a few days because of a Kidney infection. Long story short, it’s not the first Kidney infection I’ve had but I hope to anyone out there deity or not that it will be the last. Also, if you think something is wrong when your in the hospital. Don’t just assume doctors and nurses know exactly what their doing. They’re trying their best but especially in my area their extremely short staffed So, they can only do so much. 

I say this because I was put on an I.V for fluids and antibiotics/painkillers. All that fun stuff (sarcasm) and noticed a day later my limbs and body were starting to swell. I didn’t say anything until it became unbelievably painful and then they didn’t believe me until there were fluids either in or around my lungs. (They weren’t very specific. Or they just didn’t want to freak me out.) I was wheezing and it hurt to breathe at that point. But no it couldn’t be the amount of fluids going into the I.V. 

Turns out. Yeah. I was right. The doctor came in the next morning a little horrified they hadn’t contacted a doctor in the hospital or her (she was on call) It turns out they were putting fluids so fast into my body it wasn’t being absorbed properly. So, yeah my limbs and my poor belly were swollen because of the I.V. Not going to lie, I was terrified of I.V’s because of my first time in the hospital because of my Kidney but now if someone was to try to put one in me now or even try to take bloodwork. I would probably either pass out or fight like my life depended on it. 

So, long story short. Being a human water balloon is horrifying and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. 

Thank you for reading and I’ll take a little time now to do some shameless self promoting! (lol) 

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