The Write Path

Hopefully, someone gets that play on words in the title.

I have been working hard on the second book to the Trilogy the entire new year now and I have to say I’ve made amazing progress! It’s been written before like I’ve previously said. Not sure if I have said that here or not though. But, the rewrite is definitely a lot better than the first version of the manuscript.

This version there is A LOT more character development! Also, a lot more sexual themes. But, the erotic scenes don’t take away from the plot! That’s not my kind of books. The main point of my books have never been and never will be sex.

If you’ve read the first book then you will definitely notice all the foreshadowing done for the second book! *Maniacle Laughter*

I don’t think any of you realize the extents of the foreshadowing. I’ll let you all in on a secret. There are even some hints about the third book in the first story! Also, I wonder if anyone will notice the twin boys having relevance once the third book is published. 😉

So, I’m on roughly page 59 and the first sex scene in the book just finished. In the first book, the first intimate scene of that magnitude was a lot earlier on. I hope people won’t be disappointed with the build-up but it was very important for the plot. These characters are VERY different from Gorenora and Angel. These two, Peace and Olysseus, are strong-headed warriors who at first fight the mate bond because they’re enemies.

On another note, I have to thank my poor sister for putting up with my crazy nonsense. The poor thing may like my books but she still loses it when I send her those types of scenes in the book. So, thank you Rav!

I’m going to end this with some more shameless self-promotion. If everyone wouldn’t mind checking out my book on Amazon!

My book is available for free through Kindle Unlimited!

Thank you for reading!

Blessed Be,
Arionna Scaletta

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