The Second Book

I’m happy to write that the second book in the Generations Series is almost done! *Happy Dance*

This book is about Angel and Gorenora’s daughter. Her name is Peace and she is a dedicated warrior! The entire book is about the prophecy that had been told in the first book finally unfolding.

I’ve been in the process of editing for a bit now and I have to admit I hate editing! It always makes my brain so sleepy! Especially if I’m using the read-a-loud program through Word. The droll tone of the robotic voice makes my brain almost shut down. I do catch more errors and can detach myself from the story but at the same time…..

*digs eyes out with spoon*

Anyway, jokes aside. I’m very excited to finish the second book. I’ll be even more excited to get it published. Then I’ll be able to finish my rough outline of the third book and start writing it!

I’m a little sad to finish the second book because I’ve fallen in love with my characters dynamic relationship and how they both overcame their pride and past to move forward with each other. I even have them fighting side by side a lot in the story! They’re both witty and strong. Peace is a bit of a softy and a strong warrior, raised by her parents to always do the right thing. While Olysseus is distant, but still caring, and learns to overcome his past trauma.

Once editing is done I’ll make the book cover and summary for the back of the cover! I’ll publish it here first and then make up the trailer! So keep an eye out for Path Of Madness Book Two in the Generations Trilogy!

Blessed Be,
Arionna Scaletta

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