Third Book Will Be Titled War Is Madness

Just a little update. The third book is well on its way to approaching completion. It shall be done before the end of this month without a doubt! I’m excited to also be working on making more art and hand carved wands from naturally fallen branches. I’ll be opening my Etsy store to sell both wands and art. I’ll post again once I get these all done.

I’m probably more proud of the third book then even my second book. Which I was insanely proud of how it turned out. After I finish this trilogy. I will be continuing to work on my newest novel, Chosen Champion. I’ve got two chapters posted already on StoryFire.

Continuing on my explanation of the third book. Of course is also has mature scenes in it like all my other books. But it also is through a male protagonists point-of-view. Our main protagonist is the son of Peace and Olysseus, named Ptolemeos. He also has a twin brother named Rastus. This final book finishes explaining the in-depth lore of the trilogy. It even starts to bring in the concept of other kinds of Gods and mythical creatures.

War Is Madness is also based during the time of WW2. Which is why Humans play such a large part in the final story. I’ve done hours upon hours of extensive research into WW2 in order to accurately represent the gruesome nature of war and the horrors that took place. Some things are added of course because this is a fantasy novel but I hope I’ve used enough real-life facts to bring my characters to our reality.

Anyway, I’ll update again once I’ve managed to create that Etsy store and I’ll continue to make updates.

I also hope to make a book trailer for both the second book and third book once I’ve completed the third.

Thank you for your time and thank you for reading!

Blessed Be,

Arionna Scaletta

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