Praying For A Cure

I didn’t choose to live this way.

I’ll continue to avoid the rays.

I have an illness that has no cure.

Doctors too busy to care.

My world too small to move.

Stuck in my own body.

But, I wasn’t always so ill.

I enjoyed my work.

Physically demanding as it may have been.

It started slow.

With only one side to show.

Everything in tight agony.

Then my brain became worse.

Mixed and forgotten words.

Dizzy spells and memory loss.

Mental and physical disabilities.

I’m nothing but the shell of a woman I used to be.

So next time.

Before you judge me.

Trade me your body.

Wear my skin.

Toss on once comfortable fabrics.

Now they feel like nails against flesh.

Tell me how I’m lazy.

Tell me how I chose to live this way.

Tell me about your snake oils.

While I live in turmoil.

Written by Arionna Scaletta.

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