Free Books/Health Update

So, as my title says and I beleive I may have mentioned it in a previous blog that I’ve removed my books from amazon. I’m working on uploading them to Wattpad and StoryFire. Their being surprisingly well received on StoryFire a lot more then I origionally anticipated.

The next chapter for this week is almost finished. I say that now and then I start writing again and somehow it’s 1am. Haha!

Which had happened. Anyway. I also wanted to give another update on my health. I just had a bunch of bloodwork done last week. It was supposed to get done almost a week before that but I caught the flu. I had to wait until I was a bit healthier so I was able to walk to the bloodwork clinic.

Now I’m waiting to hear back from my Doctor so I can get a bone density test done. Unfortunately, my blood work shows signs that I have some kidney damage. Which was more than likely caused from the severe kidney infections that kept putting me in the hospital the last few years.

Let me put some perspective on this… I’m going to be twenty two in four days. I’m not going to down play anything. I’m terrified. Anyone would be. Younger or older.

But hopefully we can find out if I have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis that may be the culprit alongside the fibromyalgia. Because something other then the fibromyalgia is going on with this silly body of mine.

I”ll also make note my diet is a lot better than it used to be. Also, thankfully my fiance continues to remind me to take my supplements/vitamins and medicines when I forget. Which also doesn’t happen as often anymore.

Thankfully since I decided not to return to school. I’ve been able to stabilize myself for the most part. It probably helps I don’t leave the house much.

I’m probably going to start my stop motion animations again some time soon when I have enough energy to set up my tiny stage for my figures.

Other then all that the only updates I have is just the writing. It’s taking more time to reformat my first book to storyfire then it is to write the latest chapters to Chosen Champion. But I don’t mind. I’m just beyond happy people actually enjoy reading them.

For anyone interested. Here are some links.

StoryFire First Chapter Of Kingdom Of Madness

StoryFire First Chapter of Chosen Champion

Wattpad link to profile for access to both books!

Thank you all in advance for reading this!

Blessed be,

Arionna Scaletta

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